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  • “What has been created is a culture which is competitive, but in the right way. That has meant an extra £400,000 worth of business that will continue to grow as the Inquire approach rolls-out.

    With cross-selling referrals up by some 800% and rising and hundreds of thousands of pounds of new business generated as a result, David is understandably happy with Results Oriented Sales Academy. The quality benchmark is extra business. The results speak for themselves. ”

    — David Dunlop, Head of Sales Support and Customer Services. Cooperative Financial Services
  • “I can thoroughly recommend Results Oriented Sales Academy to any organization wanting to see a quantum shift in performance. Inquire’s energetic and lively delivery ensures everyone attending will go away feeling motivated and empowered to give their techniques a try.

    In the month following the X Factor Workshop we saw a huge average increase in productivity of 167.9% in our sales support team of 200 staff. ”

    — Daniel Bingham, Sales Support Manager. Aviva
  • “Arkadin have utilised Results Oriented Sales Academy’s unique training programme on several occasions, they have an inspirational style and a sales methodology that has an immediate impact on the sales performance and energy of the team.

    The delivery and content of the training is impeccable and people actually use what they have learnt daily to improve their performance.

    RosAcad's training drives change and delivers immediate sales results, they are a master of their craft and are great fun to work with.”

    — Leo Ripley, UK Sales Director. Arkadin
  • “Thank you for the training to our team. This is absolutely useful to us. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous year of Rooster.”

    — Richard Wong, CFMP. Director and Head of Business Development & Marketing Aon Risk Solutions, Hong Kong
  • “I found the time valuable…it gave us all a common understanding of what we can be doing to improve the effectiveness of the teams and ultimately bring in more sales.”

    — Kevin Stineman, Chief Operating Officer. International Division at Morningstar
  • “The training was excellent, which in return will improve service to our customers.”

    — Matt Braddock, Head of Sales Operations Major and Public Sector. BT

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Learn how to get into extended conversations over the phone and close more sales on outbound and inbound calls. Turn around initial objections, get past gate keepers, get more messages returned, engage clients over the phone, handle complex objections and close more sales. Turn inbound calls into sales opportunities and convert leads that fall into your lap.

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