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Unconscious Bias … I don't understand?

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Using his powerful, yet simple IDU? methodology; Consultant and Speaker, Buki Mosaku, addresses the issue of unconscious bias as it applies to minorities working in the corporate world.

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Unconscious Bias-I don't understand...

Unconscious Bias: Guilt Driven v Fairness-Driven Corporate Solutions...

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The Birth of IDU?

Guilty Perpetrators v Hapless Victims

Use DDE- Dispassionate Developmental Enquiry

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Interesting Conversations with Interesting People

He argues that not enough attention is allocated to equipping both ‘subjects’ and ‘perpetrators’ of unconscious bias with the interpersonal skills and confidence necessary to address unconscious bias in the moment: reducing its negative impact in important ways.

Unconscious Bias … I don't understand?

The result: pent-up (racial) tensions and disharmony in the workplace that is counterproductive to high performing, winning teams – and let us not forget the negative repercussions for career development and group-wide productivity levels. These concerns are particularly relevant in the wake of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which has led to a greater awareness of both structural racism and unconscious bias toward black ethnic minorities.

IDU? is not a panacea for all 'Diversity, Equity and Inclusion' ills. Real change requires a profound shift in practices, attitudes and behaviours that must involve all members of society, at all levels. But the ideas behind IDU? must be part of any effective solution, creating a critical platform that supports efforts to eradicate structural racism: the discrimination that stifles the careers and life opportunities of black ethnic and other minorities.

As a result of attending these high energy, interactive workshops, both subjects and unconscious ‘perpetrators’ of Unconscious Bias will:


For both subjects and unconscious perpetrators

  • Be better equipped to identify, deal with and eradicate Unconscious Bias in the moment
  • Be better equipped to contribute to more harmonious, culturally sensitive relationships between managers and peers
  • (‘Subjects’) More readily illuminate their own potential for 'Reverse Bias' toward management and peers in the moment
  • Subjects will be less reliant on ‘safe spaces’ as outlets to address pent-up minority tensions
  • Learn the power of ‘developmental enquiry’ in resolving perceived unconscious bias issues
  • Have the opportunity to release emotional/psychological baggage related to the fear of unconscious bias
  • Know (subjects in particular) how to set themselves on a path towards losing a victim mentality and embrace a winning mentality

Additional Benefits for senior management and managers

Senior Management and Managers will:

  • Become more open to 'developmental enquiry’ for harmonious resolution of unconscious and 'reverse bias'
  • Be able to apply customised templates for creating awareness and sensitivity to unconscious bias, setting objectives, developing strategy and implementing ‘SETs’(Subject Empowerment Tactics/Tools)
  • Understand and learn to reject ‘guilt’ driven remedies/strategies that do more harm than good in the long term
  • Release emotional/psychological baggage related to unconscious bias guilt, that stifles their own productivity and their relationships with employees
  • Develop more harmonious working relationships with team members
  • Leave the workshop motivated for real and lasting change

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